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Towing Services in
Rancho Bernardo

The towing Rancho Bernardo service we have is cheap and simple for you as the driver. Getting into a car that does not work, being in an accident or moving your car cannot be easy for you.

We have tried to make it as easy as possible to get your car towed, and we have created a service that only uses flat fees. You do not pay an escalating fee that is going to make it almost too expensive for you to get the car towed, and we will make sure that you get the best customer service possible.

The Customer Service

We have people in the office who help you when it is time for you to call for a tow. We answer the phone at any time, and we will make sure that you are getting someone to come to you as soon as possible

We schedule appointments for long distance towing, and we send people through our dispatcher to come to your location as soon as possible. We prefer to make this happen fast for you, and we hope that you are happy to see us when we arrive.

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Damaged Car Services

We can tell you where we can take the car, and you can get advice from the driver when you are not sure what to do. Our drivers will help you figure out where to go, and our drivers know where the insurance service centers are in the area.

Basically, we have it all covered for you so that there is no problem when we
come to pick you up.

Short Distance Towing

Getting your car across town is a major pain for you if you are not in the mood to drive it or cannot drive it. We have drivers who will pick up your car from a secondary location, and they will take the car wherever they need to go. We make sure the car is secure, and then we will charge you a similar flat rate for this service.

Long Distance Towing

Long distance towing will take you all over the country, and we can move a car for you that you do not want to drive to a new location. We make certain that the car is as safe as possible, and all our drivers are very safe on the road. We deliver to the location that you have asked for, and we will charge you the flat rate that is only for our long distance tows.

We try to make certain that you are not surprised when it comes time to pay for the job, and we will help you understand what it takes to set up the job. You can call us right now to get the work done, and we will be sure that you understand the price before we get started. You will not pay too much for towing, and we will help you feel more comfortable when we are there to move your car to a new location.